KT-Series ExpressDry Dryers

Card- & Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment

The Continental ExpressDry line of commercial dryers delivers quicker drying using fewer BTUs per load. ExpressDry packages the best in programmability, durability, efficiency and ease of use! Request a quote from your local distributor for our coin-operated laundry equipment. Available in 30-, 55- and 75-pound capacity single pocket dryers and 30- and 45-pound capacity dual-pocket stack dryers.

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Product Specifications – ExpressDry30, ExpressDry55, ExpressDry75, Stack60, SuperStack90

Unmatched Energy-efficiency

Independent laboratory testing confirms that ExpressDry commercial dryers are Continental’s fastest and most efficient dryers ever! Requiring fewer BTU’s per load than most other dryers on the market, ExpressDry Commercial Dryers can cut the gas consumed to dry a load by up to 7.1 percent. This savings in gas usage can significantly cut associated gas costs—bringing more profit to coin laundries.

More Options—the Stack60 and SuperStack90

The new ExpressDry SuperStack90 card- & coin-operated dryer features two 45-pound capacity pockets that allow greater drying capacity when compared with traditional 30-pound capacity dual-pocket units. It improves customer turnover and delivers improved profit potential per square foot!

Both the Stack60 and SuperStack90 feature separate coin vaults and microprocessor controls for each tumbler pocket. Thus coin collecting is required less—saving coin-operated laundry owners time. And, if a coin drop becomes jammed, filled, or the control malfunctions, only one tumbler is out-of-service, not two. ExpressDry stack units also feature a smaller footprint than many competitive models—almost one square foot less per machine! That means coin-op laundries can decrease their square footage, and in doing so, boost profits.

Durability Unmatched

Durability characterizes ExpressDry card- & coin-operated laundry dryers. They feature rugged cylinders, dual motors to provide separate power for basket rotation and airflow, and durable kick-plates, cart bumpers and door bars to protect tumblers from outside impacts. The oversized doors on ExpressDry Commercial Dryers are constructed of premium steel and secured with heavy-duty hinges. ExpressDry tumblers feature a unique, mirror-polished stainless steel backplate on each cylinder. The backplate effectively reduces linen wear, offers unsurpassed durability and brings a bright, modern and clean look to coin laundries! For safety, an automatic high-limit thermostat only allows the dryer to achieve a set temperature. No wonder these dryers are backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty!

The Difference is in the Details

The cylinders of Continental’s ExpressDry Commercial Dryers feature oblong hole perforations. The holes are purposely oval shaped, rather than round, to prevent items, such as drywall screws, from catching in the holes and causing extensive damage to the dryer cylinder.

Programmability. It Matters!

ExpressDry Tumblers feature advanced microprocessors that allow storeowners superior control over the drying process. The ExpressDry microprocessor control allows for programmable time, temperature, cool-down and more.. Conveniently, the dryers feature multiple coin-drop options, including standard quarter, token, dual drop, dual denomination or world drop. Of course, every model is also available to interface with most any card vending system on the market! Finally, the control offers an easy-to-use graphic display, an advanced diagnostics system and an auditing ability that details total number of cycles, coins or start pulses for card systems, and total top-offs performed.

Ergonomic & Easy to Maintain

ExpressDry single-pocket dryers feature self-cleaning lint screens and an oversized lint compartment that simplifies lint removal. Further contributing to ease of maintenance are cylinder rollers that are easily accessed by removing the lint compartment and easily accessible dryer motors and electrical components. ExpressDry Tumblers also feature oversized steel doors with ergonomic metal door bars—simplifying loading and unloading and protecting the tumbler from outside impacts!

Installation that Makes Sense

Crafty engineering makes ExpressDry card- & coin-operated laundry dryers simpler and less costly to install. Thanks to a smaller footprint, more dryers can be installed per square foot, with each requiring just one exhaust connection and one gas connection. ExpressDry commercial dryers require a simple 120V/20amp breaker and 12-gauge wire, which is less expensive to install and operate than most other stack tumblers.

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