Online Tools

Laundry Builder

When is the time right for equipment automation? Girbau North America’s Laundry Builder helps distributors determine the value of automation.The OPL Laundry Sizing Tool automatically calculates equipment mix scenarios and provides customers with the hard numbers needed to justify equipment automation. It helps users select the best equipment mix for a customer based on that customer’s unique needs and goals.

Energy Analysis

As utility costs rise there is an increasing need for more energy-efficient equipment in your customers’ laundromats. Our Energy Analysis allows you to compare Continental Girbau’s high-efficiency ExpressWash soft-mount washers with hard-mount and competitive washers. This tool will allow you to input a specific mix of equipment for an entire store or a few machines you are looking to replace. Based on your specific input you will be able to view utility savings and more importantly dollar savings.


Are you looking for a deal? Shop Girbau Marketplace! What's in Marketplace? Browse through Overstock, Super Sale & Garth's Garage for the latest and greatest deals.


We carry a lot of inventory. At times, we need to make room for more! Overstock contains just that, brand new items we have “too much” of in our warehouse that you can purchase at reduced prices!

Super Sale

Who doesn’t love a good deal?! We run promotions on specific products within Super Sale. They may be older models but are definitely worth taking a look, especially at the ridiculously low prices offered!

Garth's Garage

From time to time, equipment may get dented while in transit, have used equipment on hand or it may have been scratched some where along the way. Garth’s Garage contains these “scratch & dent” items at a super discounted price! Plus, you’re able to view a 360˚ video of each product listed within Garth’s Garage.