Wetcleaning 101


Professional wetcleaning is a safe, energy-efficient method of cleaning “Dry Clean Only” clothes using water as a solvent (rather than chemicals) with a combination of special soaps and conditioners. Just about every garment that can be dry cleaned can be processed by wetcleaning, including tailored suits, silk dresses, cashmere sweaters, wool blazers, knit skirts and linen shirts, among many others. Once wetcleaned, items are dried using a dryer with complete control over drying variables, including moisture level, rotation, reversing and temperature. Items are then finished.

Safe for Virtually any Fabric

Professional fabricare operations rely on Poseidon to perfectly wetclean the most delicate items – without shrinkage or damage – including tailored wool suits, cashmere sweaters, silk wedding dresses, camel hair sport coats, taffeta prom dresses, knit skirts, and so much more. Poseidon offers innovative programmability for complete control over every conditional aspect of the wetcleaning, drying and ironing process. Once programmed, operation is easy. Simply select a program and press start!

Greener. Safer. Better.

Poseidon delivers an environmentally safe and non-toxic alternative to drycleaning. Relying on water – not the hazardous chemicals and solvents associated with drycleaning – Poseidon gleans superior results, efficiency and productivity. Even better? A complete wetcleaning solution, Poseidon Textile Care is not subject to state or federal environmental restrictions. Poseidon products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and often qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits.

Smaller Investment. Bigger Payoff.

Poseidon outperforms traditional drycleaning without the cost, space or negative environmental impact. A Poseidon Textile Care System is considerably less expensive to purchase and install; occupies a smaller footprint; safely wetcleans virtually any fabric type; and delivers productivity, quality, and ease-of-use. Save tens of thousands of dollars. Rely on Poseidon for a quick return on investment!

Steps in the Wetcleaning Process

Sorting by color and fabric type, inspecting and pre-spotting is the first step. The key to successful wetcleaning lies in knowing the pH level of the stain and treating it accordingly. Water-based stains, which make up the majority of the stains cleaners see, generally come out with the standard wetcleaning process. The remaining stains are oil-based and can be removed using specialized water-based pre-spotting solutions.

Garments are professionally wetcleaned in Poseidon Wetcleaning Machines and dried in Poseidon Wetcleaning Dryers. The wetcleaning machines are programmed to automatically combine the right water levels, water temperatures, rotation action, extract speed, number of baths and rinses, and cleaning chemicals. Once cleaned, items move to Poseidon Dryers, which feature highly programmable microprocessors to ensure perfect cleaning and drying without shrinkage or fabric damage. The wetcleaning equipment must have controls that allow cleaners to tailor the wash and dry cycles according to the type of fabric. The washer and dryer are separate but equal partners in the process. While clothes can be damaged if not properly washed more damage to clothing happens in the dryer. Controlled temperature and moisture content will make finishing the garments to a “like new” look simpler and less time consuming. Cleaners well-versed in proper wetcleaning techniques can easily exceed their customers’ expectations.

Whether the garments are cleaned in using dry cleaning or wetcleaning, they require finishing. “Finishing” is done with hot-head or steam presses, tensioning equipment, form finishers, automated buck units, steam tunnels, puff irons or hand irons.