Recovery Cleaners

The female-driven Recovery Cleaners makes a business of helping others by carefully recovering and restoring garments damaged by fires and floods. President and founder Jacqui Schaefer, who started the business 24 years ago as a one-woman operation, has since grown Recovery Cleaners into a company with 29 employees and a 14,700-square-foot textile restoration facility. The Poseidon Textile Care System handles 70 percent of the collected items and restores them via wet cleaning only. The remaining items are processed via dry cleaning.

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Perfect Cleaners

Since the installation of new Poseidon TextileCare System Wet Cleaning Machines and Dryers,Perfect Cleaners, in Detroit, has tripled processingthroughput, lowered utility costs, and realized an 8 percent increase in sales volume. Owner GaryHeflin, a dry cleaner of 28 years, has transformed his business from predominately dry cleaning tomostly wet cleaning. Wet cleaning, he maintains, isamore cost-effective, environmentally friendly andproductive way to process garments of all types and fabrics.

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Lifestyle Garment Care

A new name. A fresh brand. A state-of-the-art plant. Lifestyle Garment Care (formerly Roth Cleaners), in Midland, Mich., is transforming. Paul White, a veteran textile care expert, purchased the business from his father 30 years ago. Since then, he’s witnessed major industry changes; among them the emergence of wet cleaning and its potential in today's society. “We wanted our business name to represent who we are and what we do,” said White. “We provide 'Garment Care to fit your Lifestyle'.”

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Belding Cleaners

Joe Hebeka from Belding Cleaners in GoosePoint Park was looking for a way to save floor space and time in his drycleaning facility. He purchased a Poseidon Wet Cleaning System to help him meet his growing needs. He especially loves using the Poseidon system to clean high-end garments and wool coats. Learn more about how Joe uses his Poseidon Wet Cleaning System in this video.

Blue Ribbon Cleaners

Over a three-year span, industry newbie Brad Manasco purchased several Mississippi dry cleaning plants and two Certified Restoration Dry Cleaning Network (CRDN) territories. In an effort to improve his new enterprise – Blue Ribbon Cleaners and CRDN of Mississippi (Blue Ribbon Cleaners) – he worked for free to learn the ropes; conducted research on the best cleaning methods; and visited with industry experts about needed equipment updates. His first critical operational change was to swap out dry cleaning for more efficient, less costly wet cleaning.

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Peerless Cleaners

“I believe there’s as much money to be made by controlling expenses as bringing in more sales,” said Steve Grashoff, president of Peerless Cleaners (Peerless) and CRDN of Northern Indiana, in Fort Wayne. “Some dry cleaners are so concerned about what’s coming in the front door, they don't realize what it's costing them in the back.”

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TSC Wet Cleaners

Using water and biodegradable chemicals to clean virtually any garment or fabric, TSC Wet Cleaners is unique in Mississauga, Ontario. The family owned business operated as a traditional dry cleaner for 20 years before flipping operations upside down and embracing water over perc. Today, a decade since the switch, TSC Wet Cleaners is more profitable and environmentally friendly than ever.

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University Cleaners

Tasked to become a “green” operator, University City Cleaners, in San Diego, recently ousted dry cleaning practices for eco-friendly wet cleaning. The foundational change left customers gleeful, the environment grateful and the business more productive and efficient. Who might owners Hyeon-Dong and Young-Sook Choi thank for the change? Their landlord, of course.

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Huntington Company

Carrington Cleaners

Carrington Cleaners uses Poseidon's wet cleaning system to save hours a day in their drycleaning facility.