Industrial Laundry Equipment for Industrial Laundry Facilities

Industrial laundries require highly productive and programmable laundry products to quickly process a variety of goods. Simultaneously, they need equipment that delivers the highest quality results. Girbau Industrial products work in concert to curb energy and operational costs, while catapulting throughput and quality. Girbau Industrial offers a wide breadth of industrial laundry products that work seamlessly together for unrivaled productivity, efficiency and results, including continuous batch tunnel washing systems, open-pocket washers and dryers, feeders, ironers, folders, stackers and related machinery.
Medium or High-Volume Industrial Laundries

At Girbau Industrial, we offer a full line of laundering, finishing and folding equipment to meet your facility’s specific production and quality goals. We undertand how to help you step into automation for dramatic operational savings over time. Contact your Girbau Industrial distributor today for help with your laundry operation!

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