The Compact Laundry Solution

Laundries often struggle to meet throughput goals, especially when space is tight. That’s why the Compact Laundry Solution was developed. It’s a space-saving equipment combination that delivers increased production per square foot when compared to other equipment offerings in the market.


Designed to drive down water, electrical and gas costs while improving productivity, our 11.3 cubic foot soft-mount EH080 washer-extractor delivers high-speed extract, an easy-to-install freestanding design, unmatched durability and the ultimate in programmability within a small space!


The CG85-95S Dryer delivers unrivaled drying technology to a new, industry-unique capacity of 85-95 pounds. Sophisticated trans-flow technology, standard single phase reversing and moisture sensing increase performance and extend linen life.


The standard, vacuum-assisted, oversized feeding table holds linen to maximize production and ensure high-quality results. The oversized, inclined design allows for easy stain & tear detection by operators. Add the optional spreader/feeder for single person operation of large dimension items.


Damp goods are fed straight from the washer to the ironer. AutoSpeed monitors moisture and the SmartTouch offset strap design ensures no ‘belt lines’ on the finished product.


The built-in folder performs one or two primary folds and up to three cross folds with mechanical precision.


The optional stacker, available for both left and right, front and rear discharge configurations, uniformly stacks folded items.


Industry first option of a rear mounted small piece collection stations in 4 lanes.

Tiny Footprint

Freestanding washer and dryer designs make for simple installation, without bolt-down, as well as tight installation clearances between equipment (0.4 inches). By comparison, hard-mount washers require reinforced concrete foundations, bolt-down and clearances up to 18 inches. With the Compact Laundry Solution, washers and dryers are located right next to each other for less occupied space and improved workflow.

Greater Production Per Square Foot & PPOH

Compact Laundry Solution configuration variations feature the E-Series 80-pound capacity washer-extractor, 85/95-pound capacity CG85-95S Dryer – and when automation is cost-justified – the Compact+ 5-in-One (feeder, ironer, folder, stacker, accumulator). From its small footprint, the Compact Laundry Solution delivers unrivaled quality and greater production per operator hour (PPOH) when compared with other options occupying a larger area.

Automation vs. Manual Labor Delivers a Quick ROI

The configurability of the Compact Laundry Solution allows laundries to step into automated finishing and folding based on enhanced production and quality goals. Even smaller laundries, processing from 180-260 laundry pounds per hour, can cost-justify automation and realize a quick return on investment.

One Manufacturer

Three distinct equipment offerings, wrapped into one solution, engineered by a single manufacturer. There’s nothing else like it on the market. Enjoy seamless operation, simplified maintenance, service and support, plus unrivaled results! Don’t piecemeal. Rely on Continental Girbau for the complete solution.

High Performance & Quality

Highly efficient and programmable, the Compact Laundry Solution is engineered to deliver superior results for a lasting great impression. Virtually every wash, dry and finishing variable is programmable for unrivaled control and the ability to perfectly process a variety of laundry items. Smart ergonomics and simple operation are backed by durable construction and industry-leading warranties. The automation of the Compact+ 5-in-One produces uniform results on the finishing side.

Choose your equipment based on hourly laundry demand