Feeders, Ironers & Folders

Girbau Industrial automation makes it possible to quickly and seamlessly feed, iron and fold a variety of flatwork items straight from the washer. Our DR-Series feeders automatically feed damp linen of different types and sizes into a corresponding flatwork ironers, using two or three spreader-feeding stations. Next, Girbau Industrial PC-Series flatwork ironers, offering up to 93 percent efficiency and 100 custom programs, automatically iron items for gains in throughput and quality. Finally, the folders fold and stack the ironed items. Delivering up to three primary folds and three cross folds using one, two or four lanes, the FR-Series Folders ensure consistent folding, unrivaled quality and bolstered throughput.


DRC — Cornerless Feeder

This high-speed DRC feeder was developed for fast feeding of single bed sheets with a special focus on optimizing the capacity per operator hour by ensuring optimum ergonomics when feeding. This high-speed production has been achieved by combining Girbau’s patented cornerless feeding technology based in a vacuum box for spreading with a newly-designed operator feeding station, enabling each operator to easily feed more than to 600 single bed sheets per hour per station, with proper sheet preparation.

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DRE — Feeder

The DRE is Girbau’s most versatile, productive and high-speed feeder ever. It’s flexible enough to feed a wide variety of item types into a corresponding ironer, while delivering superior quality results in less time.

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DRM+ — Compact High Production Feeder

It is ideal for laundries requiring simple, economic manual feeding with minimum maintenance. Designed to feed in articles of all sizes, it can work on 1, 2 or 4 lanes. Simplicity and efficiency are the two main features of the DRM+.

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DR1+ — Single Station Spreader Feeder

A very straightforward automatic feeder for feeding in articles automatically on 1 lane. It also allows manual feeding of items of all sizes on 1, 2 or 4 lanes.

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DRBS — Feeder

The DRBS automatic front feeder makes it possible to feed in linen of different kinds and sizes on 1 or 2 lanes automatically, and up to 4 in manual feeding.


DRF — Spreader Feeder

The DRF is quickly convertible to handle both large-, medium- and small-piece goods, making it highly desirable for high-volume laundries handling a variety of items. Offering unrivaled productivity and quality, the DRF automatically straightens and feeds more than 1,200 large-sized items per hour, from one lane, into any height flatwork ironer.

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PC80 & PC120

Parameters of the PC80 and PC120 can be adjusted to achieve quality results with a variety of items; with speeds up to 148 and 164 ft/min, respectively. All elements that make up the flatwork ironers in the PC series are designed with quality in mind. The PC ironers provide an impeccable finish and the latest advances in electronics results in superior ironing quality.


PC80 Gas Ironers – 1 Roll  |  2 Roll

PC80 Steam Ironers – 1 Roll  |  2 Roll  |  3 Roll

PC120 Gas Ironers – 1 Roll  |  2 Roll

PC120 Steam Ironers – 1 Roll  |  2 Roll  |  3 Roll

Compact Pro 5-in-One Ironing Systems

CP24 & CP32

Engineered for medium- and high-volume laundries where space is at a premium, the Compact Pro 5-in-One Ironing System not only features a compact design, it quickly feeds, irons, folds, stacks and accumulates at speeds of up to 39-feet-per-minute — improving PPOH (pounds per operator hour).

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Multi-Lane Folders/Cross Folders


Highly programmable folders offering one, two or four feeding lanes and the ability to automatically perform two to three primary folds and up to three cross folds, the FR Series folders delivers high-quality, automated folding of small and large items alike. Using air-jet technology, the folders offer an advanced touch-screen control, multi-program operation, and quality components for consistent, quality folding. The thickness of the article is automatically taken into account during the first cross fold. A retractable pneumatic roller works in conjunction with a mechanical blade to automatically adjust the opening distance for item thickness — ensuring precise folding.

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Towel Folder & Stackers

FT-Maxi & FTB

The FT MAXI is a highly productive, multi-use folder that classifies, folds and stacks towels. Equipped with air jet folding, the FT MAXI processes up to 900 pieces/hour, depending on the item, the type of fold and the operator’s skill. Simplicity for users who do not require classification. The FTB has all the functions of the FTMAXI, but with only one output, which simplifies its design and reduces its cost.

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