Continuous Batch Washing System

Among the most flexible laundering solutions available, Girbau Industrial’s Continuous Batch Washing System delivers unrivaled productivity, energy-efficiency, programmability and results. Configurable to meet the laundering and volume needs of medium- to large-volume laundry operations, the Continuous Batch Washing System—in place across the globe—processes up to 3,000 pounds of laundry per hour using less labor, water and energy.

Conveyor Loading Systems

ICP-4, ICP-3 & HCP-4

The Continuous Batch Washing System’s Loading Conveyor automatically transports and loads laundry batches, by weight, into the Batch Tunnel Washer. The automatic weighing conveyors are available in three models—two for incline access, and one for horizontal access. Each of the conveyor’s compartments holds 110-pound laundry loads.

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Continuous Batch Tunnel Washers


Designed to meet any laundry need, Girbau Industrial Batch Washers deliver the ultimate in flexibility, efficiency and wash quality. Thanks to a convenient top-transfer, mono-block design, the TBS-50 Batch Washer is less costly and simpler to install than comparable machines on the market, uses less water and energy, runs quietly and delivers a quality wash for any fabric type. Designed for today and tomorrow, the TBS-50 is an extremely flexible tunnel washer that can be configured according to the unique needs of any high-volume laundry.

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Extraction Press


Designed to press laundry batches processed in any type of batch washer, the SPR-50 Press optimizes subsequent drying and ironing—making them less time-consuming and more efficient. The press forms a round “cake” of laundry with a flat base. With high-capacity drainage facilities, water is extracted quickly and gently from all types of linen. The SPR-50 single-stage press is available in three different positioning options at the batch washer outlet: in-line, turns to the right, or turns to the left. The SPR-50 water extraction press is durably constructed and factory tested for problem-free installation.

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Shuttle Conveyors


Shuttle Lifting Conveyors automatically move the pressed “cakes” from the Water Extraction Press into up to six open dryers. The Shuttle Lifting Conveyors—available to fit the specific needs of any high-volume laundry—feature 43.3 x 50.4 inch loading tables handling up to 220 pounds capacity each. Single- and double-cake conveyors are available to meet specific facility needs.

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Pass-Thru Dryers

ST1302 & ST2700

Offering unsurpassed efficiency, productivity and ease-of-use, ST model dryers (ST2700 at 298-pound capacity and ST1302 at 140-pound capacity) work seamlessly as part of the Continuous Batch Washing System. Each model offers Spirotilt Technology for automated unloading without dryer tilting. Once laundry “cakes” are loaded into the open dryers, they are untangled, conditioned and/or dried. Continuous Batch Pass-Through Dryers are available in natural gas, steam or thermal fluid heat.

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