Industrial Laundry Equipment for Linen Rental Facilities

Party and linen rental operations require laundry processes that deliver superior results and a quick turn-around. By selecting the right laundry equipment – washer-extractors, industrial ironers, flatwork folders and drying tumblers – they can dramatically boost laundry productivity, while using less labor, water, natural gas and electricity. Girbau Industrial soft-mount washers allow businesses to complete more laundry in significantly less time! Because E-Series Washers deliver extract speeds up to 387 G-force, they remove considerably more water from every load, when compared with lower G-force hard-mount washers. Because more moisture is removed during extract, dry time is cut by up to 50 percent – improving laundry production and cutting natural gas usage!
Superior Programmability

Girbau Industrial washers and dryers offer advanced programmability and one-touch operation. Washers deliver automatic chemical injection and programmable water temperatures, water levels, number of baths, rotation action, G-force extract, and more. Operators just enter a program number and press start.

From Washer to Ironer

By pairing Girbau Industrial Washers and Ironers, linen rental companies further boost production and quality. Items are fed directly from the washer into the ironer – bypassing the dryer. Goods are perfectly ironed without dryer preconditioning.

From Flatwork Ironer to Flatwork Folder

Boosting productivity and quality further, some rental companies combine ironing and folding, as well. A Girbau Industrial flatwork folder quickly and automatically folds table linens.

Compact 5-in-One

This space-saving all-in-one machine automatically feeds, irons, folds, stacks and accumulates a variety of flatwork items.