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Complete Financing Solutions

Financing flexibility is key to your next laundry equipment project. Different projects require varying degrees of financial backing. That’s why CustomSelect’s financing programs offer flexible options targeted to your specific financial requirements. Our competitive fixed rates and choice of financing program options make our CustomSelect Financing the right decision for you.

The Benefits of Financing

Laundry equipment projects range in complexity and financial requirements. No matter the scale of your project, consider these benefits of financing your laundry equipment purchase:
Keep current capital working.

Paying cash draws vital capital away from other critical investments. Instead, scheduled payments via a loan allow you to preserve your cash, liquidity and lines of credit for emergency uses, working capital or other business investments.
Build business credit.

Establishing a strong credit history for your business is just as important as establishing personal credit. With a history of paying business debt timely, you may secure better terms from suppliers and creditors in the future.
Continued business growth.

Financing may provide you with the resources and flexibility to purchase additional equipment to remain competitive and to experience continued business growth – both key to your business’s success.
Potential tax benefits. 

By financing, you may receive special tax benefits for depreciation and/or interest expenses.

Application Process

The CustomSelect Financing credit application  process is quick and easy! Simply download  and print the credit applications, contact CustomSelect online or call 800-256-1073 and we will guide you through the process. For equipment proposals and equipment financing assistance, please contact your local Girbau North America distributor. To locate your distributor, access the Distributor Locator.

Request Financing

Do you have questions? We’d love to talk to you! Please fill out the form and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.

Financing Programs

New Store Location Financing

A financing option for operating a first store or adding another store to your business line-up.


Financing for an existing store (ie. upgrade to more efficient equipment or add equipment to current mix).

Acquisition Financing

(Buying an existing store.) Financing provided to acquire a previously-owned laundromat.

Acquisition & Retool Financing

(Buying an existing store and updating new equipment.) Financing provided to acquire a previously-owned laundromat and purchase new equipment.

Equity Financing

Use existing laundromat equity for a new equipment purchase, down payment on a new store or acquisition of another laundromat.


Consolidate debt from existing stores, with the option to buy new equipment.

5 Step Simple Loan Process

1. Partner with your Girbau North America distributor and our CustomSelect Financing team

Your first step is to meet with your Girbau North America distributor to determine your equipment package. At the same time, we can get to work on your financing program. Together, we can complete the required paperwork and compile the required documentation.

2. Make a Decision

Your distributor will send the documentation to our CustomSelect Financing team, where it is reviewed for complete package requirements and then sent to our lending partner for review. If necessary, the lending partner may contact you for an interview prior to completing the credit review. Otherwise, CustomSelect may notify you or your distributor of the review results.

3. Loan/Lease Documents – Send & Receive

Upon approval, the lending partner will issue a loan proposal for you to review. After you accept the proposal, the lending partner will generate and e-mail transaction documents for you to sign. (This process can be done via DocuSign if you choose that option.) Once you sign all the documents and gather any additional required items, the lending partner will issue a purchase order to your distributor.

4. Confirm – Delivery & Installation

The distributor delivers and/or installs the equipment. When applicable, the lending partner may require an inspection. Otherwise, the lending partner will contact you to verify equipment delivery and/or installation.

5. Fund

Once verified, your loan will be funded! Our lending partner sends the money directly to your distributor. Typically your monthly loan payments will begin approximately 30 days after your loan funds.

We’re in this together. Our CustomSelect Financing team will work with you and your distributor throughout the entire process.

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