Girbau Industrial offers complete product and service solutions for commercial and industrial laundry operations across North America. When you choose Girbau Industrial, you get the full package — from help with laundry sizing, equipment mix and layout, to training and technical services after installation. Our comprehensive product offering perfectly fits the needs of small commercial laundries, just as it does industrial operations. Stay small, or grow for expanded services and bolstered revenue. Whatever your goal, we’ve got the solution!

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Value in Automated Folding

The most labor-intensive area of a laundry is on the finishing side because it involves folding. The good news is that there are machinery options out there that can significantly reduce those labor hours, while upping production, quality and efficiency. Even better? While you might think investing in automation will break the bank, it won’t. Most folding systems pay for themselves in two years or less. And if you look to finance, the money saved in labor typically makes your monthly payment.
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Continuous Batch

Among the most flexible laundering solutions available, Girbau Industrial’s Continuous Batch Washing System delivers unrivaled productivity, energy-efficiency, programmability and results. Configurable to meet the laundering and volume needs of medium- to large-volume laundry operations, the Continuous Batch Washing System—in place across the globe—processes up to 3,000 pounds of laundry per hour using less labor, water and energy. Learn More


Girbau Industrial automation makes it possible to quickly and seamlessly feed, iron and fold a variety of flatwork items straight from the washer. Our DR-Series feeders automatically feed damp linen of different types and sizes into a corresponding flatwork ironers, using two or three spreader-feeding stations. Next, Girbau Industrial PC-Series flatwork ironers, offering up to 93 percent efficiency and 100 custom programs, automatically iron items for gains in throughput and quality. Finally, the folders fold and stack the ironed items. Delivering up to three primary folds and three cross folds using one, two or four lanes, the FR-Series Folders ensure consistent folding, unrivaled quality and bolstered throughput. Learn More

Washers & Dryers

Girbau Industrial’s HS Series washers feature durability, programmability, high-speed extract, and a soft-mount design. Available in stationary and tilt models – for simple loading and unloading – the washers are ergonomically designed and easy to operate. They also feature the highly flexible Inteli control – offering 20 pre-programmed and 79 owner-programmable cycles. Girbau Industrial’s robust GT- & ST-Series Dryers unbind, condition and dry up to 265 pounds of laundered goods. ST-Series models are engineered with Spirotilt-Girbau technology, which optimizes drying and simplifies unloading, and are available in steam, thermal fluid and natural gas. They can be used in concert with the Girbau Industrial’s Continuous Batch System or as stand-alone dryers. The stand-alone ST-Series and GT-Series models can be paired with front-load washers and optional vacuum loading. Learn More