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Express Laundry Centers

a complete vended laundry solution – free of franchise restrictions

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You shouldn’t have to sacrifice something to find a company that can help you solve your business’s challenges. Whether you’re working with a client on retooling an existing laundry, expanding a high-volume commercial operation, or starting from scratch, we can help.

At Girbau North America, we work closely with you to share our years of expertise, while carefully analyzing your unique laundry needs. We provide customized solutions for any laundry application – big or small – while specializing in an array of markets, including industrial, commercial, textile care, multi-housing and self-service laundries.

Our Solutions

Whether you’re looking to develop a new laundry or purchase and renovate an existing one, we offer the tools, expertise and solutions to set you up for success.
It doesn’t matter if you’re on-premise laundry is at a fire department, hotel or carwash, we’ve got you covered. We’re experts in any and all on-premise laundry challenges.
Industrial laundries are among our specialties. Our partnerships and innovative solutions bring together opportunity for industrial laundries looking to expand and grow.

Appeal to residents and keep them in-house to do laundry. GNA offers multiple laundry solutions to shorten laundry time and improve your residents’ laundry experience

New wetcleaning and ironing technologies are gaining favor for good reason within the textile care industry. Find out why GNA is leading the way …


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