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Steps to Vended
Laundry Ownership

While developing a vended laundry is an involved process, it follows a stepped plan outlined here. The good news is that you’re not alone. Your Girbau North America distributor provides valued advice and helps with site selection, equipment mix, laundry design, generating a cash flow summary and helping you secure financing.

Step 1: Contact Your Girbau North America Distributor

Whether you’re interested in new vended laundry development or purchasing and possibly renovating an existing store, your first step is to contact your Girbau North America distributor. GNA distributors guide investors through the entire laundry ownership process – providing expertise to differentiate your store from the competition and set it up for success. Your distributor is a market expert who takes you through every phase of laundry development – doing much of the legwork and analyses for you. At the end of the day, your distributor will paint a clear picture of your laundry’s estimated revenue and return on investment.

Step 2: Site Selection & Estimating Sales Volume

During step 2, your GNA distributor will assist you with finding locations, evaluating them and applying value to traffic flow, visibility, competition and demographics – helping you make a smart location decision.

Step 3: Equipment Mix, Utilities, Services, Customer Turnover & Design

Once a location is selected, your distributor will help you conceptualize your laundry in terms of its equipment, payment system, services, utilities, space and design. Your distributor will then provide a financial snapshot of that concept to you and the lender.  

Step 4: Proforma Summary & Financing

At this step, your distributor will take all of that data and generate a cashflow summary, called a Proforma. It overviews capital outlay, return on investment, services income, taxable income, losses, expenses and more. The Proforma is submitted with a detailed laundry plan, competitive analysis and equipment proposal to lenders by your distributor.   

Step 5: Laundry Buildout/Renovation

When financing is approved, your GNA distributor will work with an architect and general contractor to create plans, process for permits and buildout/renovate your space.    

Step 6: Marketing

This is when marketing the laundry kicks in. Your GNA distributor can connect you with affordable marketing packages that include branding, logo development, signage, advertising and more. This is a service exclusive to GNA distributors and their clients.  

Step 7: Training

Once the laundry is complete, your GNA distributor will offer training on equipment, operation and maintenance. They want you to succeed. 

Step 8: Ongoing Services

After helping make your laundry dream a reality, your GNA distributor remains engaged with advice, equipment maintenance, technical service and replacement parts. In a few years, when you’re in the market for a second laundry, your GNA distributor will be the first person you call.

For more detailed information, download our Vended Laundry Guide and New Investor Brochure. Want to hear some more tips we have for investors? View our extensive video library on our YouTube page or view the videos below.

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