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KT-Series ProDry2+ Commercial Dryers

Engineered for unmatched drying efficiency, programmability and ease-of-use, the inverter-driven ProDry2+ Dryer delivers premium features that work in concert to dramatically increase laundry productivity, reduce linen wear and enhance drying quality. Equipped with the Premium Plus Control, ProDry2+ Dryers offer flexible programmability and improved diagnostic capabilities along with optional moisture sensing, fire extinguishing and automatic reversing features.

Durably constructed for years of constant use, ProDry2+ Drying Tumblers feature heavy-duty stainless steel cylinders and are backed by an industry-leading factory warranty.

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Several key features contribute to heightened energy-efficiency, including an inverter-driven motor that produces maximum power using minimum energy, requires considerably less amperage at ramp up, delivers precise speed control, and lessons noise levels. Moreover, an instant electronic-spark ignition and modular electrical system contribute to reliability and easy servicing, while a multiple-burner heat system efficiently and quickly reaches desired temperatures.

ProDry2+ Dryers deliver quick drying thanks to carefully balanced heat energy input and airflow. Perfectly balanced airflow prevents extra wear on fabrics and cuts drying time. The heat system is enclosed –capturing intake air and preheating it before entering the tumbler — reducing energy costs without increasing dry time.


Engineered for quick drying and efficiency, ProDry2+ Dryers balance drying time and BTU consumption to reduce energy usage and labor costs. Simultaneously, they maximize laundry throughput by reducing dry cycle times to more closely match wash cycle times. While most dry cycles run 30 percent longer than wash cycles, ProDry2+ Dryers dry laundry more quickly — improving productivity. ProDry2+ Dryers balance quick drying with energy-efficiency for unmatched results and a reduction in costs.


Ergonomic and easy to maintain, ProDry2+ Dryers feature self-cleaning lint screens that support maximum airflow. Further contributing to ease of maintenance are conveniently accessible components and an automatic backdraft damper to prevent outside air from entering the laundry room. Because ergonomics matter, the tumblers feature oversized steel doors with reinforced metal door bars and hinges — simplifying loading and unloading.


The ProDry2+ compact CG55-65 tumbler fits through a standard 36-inch door, takes up less space and offers more drying capacity than most 50-pound capacity drying tumblers! At 34.5 inches in width, the CG55-65 tumbler is super-slim so it fits into smaller spaces. Yet, thanks to innovative engineering, it also offers big capacity and productivity!


Durability characterizes ProDry2+. The tumblers feature rugged stainless steel cylinders; an inverter-driven, custom-speed motor; steel front, side and top panels coated inside and out with electrostatically applied, baked-on paint for superior bonding and corrosion resistance; an all-belt drive system with cast iron pulleys and permanently sealed bearings for quiet, low-maintenance operation; and durable kick-plates and cart bumpers to protect tumblers from nicks and scrapes.

An exclusive annealed stainless steel backplate (standard on all models except CG115-25, CG165-75 and CG195-205) contributes to longer machine life and also reduces friction against tumbling laundry — extending linen life.


ProDry2+ small-capacity dryers feature axial airflow, a system that directs heated air through the load from back to front. Perforated cylinders and drum lifters maximize airflow and tumbling action while also preventing tangling. The result is fast and efficient drying — exactly what on-premise laundries want!

RADIAL AIRFLOW FOR LARGER LOADS – CG50-60, CG75-85, CG115-25, CG165-75 & CG195-205 MODELS

ProDry2+ large-capacity drying tumblers are designed with radial airflow — a system that captures heated intake air and distributes it evenly throughout the cylinder. Radial airflow ensures maximum load separation for big loads and bulky items and utilizes the tumbler’s complete capacity for quick, even drying. As heated air is released from the top of the basket, linens, which are rotated from the bottom to the top, fall and separate throughout the entire cylinder. Simultaneously, heated air is pushed through and around the load — eliminating hot spots.


Continental understands the importance of safety. That’s why we’ve equipped ProDry2+ dryers with an optional Integrated Sprinkler System (ISS), a sensing and extinguishing device that squelches dryer fires before they get out of control. ISS, which is available on gas and steam units, is always active — even after a load is complete — offering laundries added protection when a laundry is unattended. If ISS sensors detect a fire inside the dryer drum, the drum rotates and distributes water vapor — saturating laundry and extinguishing the fire. ISS continues to monitor the condition of the dryer and restarts if fire is again detected.


ProDry2+ Dryers offer the highly flexible Premier Plus Control.


The dryer’s Premier Plus Touch-Screen Control – engineered for greater flexibility and efficiency – is equipped with a multitude of features, including up to 30 programmable cycles; a reminder to clean the lint screen; an anti-wrinkle and extended tumble feature that initiates unheated tumble action after the end-of-cycle signal to reduce the occurrence of wrinkles in unattended loads; an external end-of-cycle output to aid operators in noticing when a load is complete; programmable reversing and rotation time; a rapid advance option so operators can quickly advance a running machine; and auditing information on the LED display. With multiple programmable cycle types — time-dry, auto-dry or Continental’s moisture sensing – ProDry2+ Dryers offer the ultimate in drying technology and load management control.


Continental’s Linen Life Extension (LLE) moisture sensing system is very reliable and extremely accurate. Featuring 20 programmable cycles with up to 12 programmable dryness levels and additional programmable heat time, LLE can target any dryness level from zero to 40 percent. To ensure accurate moisture readings, the LLE system provides an extremely large load-to-surface contact area. Unlike some moisture sensing systems available, Continental’s LLE system uses the entire surface area of the lifters within the dryer cylinder as sensors. This increase in load contact surface area provides extremely accurate moisture readings. When the load has reached its preset target level of dryness, the control shuts the dryer off — saving energy, time and labor. The result? Dry good experience less damage with up to 31 percent less fiber loss. LLE effectively reduces over drying, resulting fabric damage and cuts energy and labor costs.

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