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Beware of the Big-Box Store Washer & Dryer

A lot of veterinary clinics and animal care facilities mistakenly purchase washers and dryers from local appliance and big-box stores in good faith they’ll work for years to come. Problem is, they don’t. Even worse, when they breakdown, owners quickly discover that the warranty that came with the appliance is null and void. Why? Because the machine was used in a business/commercial application.

The Big-Box Dilemma

These domestic washers and dryers aren’t warrantied for commercial use because they are not constructed with the same strength and stamina as commercial washers and dryers. And of all the places that require commercial durability, vet clinics and animal care facilities – with the hair, blood, feces and vomit, and bulky items like bedding – top the list.

Next Steps

If this sounds familiar, or you are in the market for new laundry equipment, a great first step is to contact your local commercial laundry equipment distributor. Your distributor will visit your facility and provide equipment recommendations – backed by solid commercial warranties. They will also provide service and after-the-sale support when needed.

Plus Programmability!

Not only do commercial machines come with a more robust factory warranty – our Continental Girbau washers feature a 5/3-year warranty – they offer flexible programmability and auto detergent injection that ensures every item is properly cleaned, no matter who does the laundry. Operators just enter a program number and press start. No more babysitting.


Wes Kraemer manages national account sales in addition to territory sales for the Central and Western U.S. He holds over 12 years of experience in laundry design and development within the pet care industry. Contact him anytime at

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