Express Clean

Automatic Injection System for Vended Laundromats

express clean boxExpress Clean™, a dispensing system that combines detergents, brighteners and softeners, is designed for vended laundries that feature washers with automatic chemical injection. Self-contained within a transparent cabinet, Express Clean chemistry is automatically injected into the wash cycle at the perfect moment during the wash process. Customers simply load the washer, enter their desired cycle and press start.

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  •   High-quality laundry cleaning products with exclusive formulation for vended laundry
  •   Optional single box dual machine delivery (for back-to-back machine configuration)
  •   Up to three product dispensing per side
  •   Provides customer convenience and industry-exclusive service
  •   Reduces store maintenance and eliminates customer messes and hazards from oversudsing
  •   Patented dispensing system is clean and simple to maintain
  •   Clear-view box makes it simple to see detergent, booster and softener supply levels
  •   Product numbering system coordinates product and hopper for easy replacement of gallon canisters
  •   Multi-color, LED lighting system coordinates with pump activation as laundry products are dispensed

express suds

Express Suds

Sudsing Detergent

  •   Easily lifts stains
  •   Safe to use on all fabrics
  •   Leaves clothes fresh and clean
  •   Exclusive high suds solution

express bright

Express Bright

Color-safe Booster

  •   Safe to use on all fabrics
  •   Brightens laundry
  •   Helps eliminate odors

express soft

Express Soft

High-fragrance Fabric Softener

  •   Infuses fabrics with a silky softness
  •   Fights static cling
  •   Helps remove wrinkles
  •   Makes clothes feel fluffy and soft
  •   Finishes with choice of exclusive fragrance (Breeze or Lavender)

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