KT-Series ExpressDry+ Dryers

Card- & Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment

The advanced engineering of ExpressDry+ Dryers simplifies installation and ease of use, drastically reduces gas consumption and downtime, and boosts profit potential. Reliable and efficient, ExpressDry+ Drying Tumblers are available in 30-, 55- and 75-pound capacity single-pocket units, and 30- and 45-pound capacity dual-pocket stacks.

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Engineered for unmatched drying efficiency, programmability and ease-of-use, the inverter-driven ExpressDry+ Dryer delivers premium features that work in concert to reduce utility costs, enhance customer convenience and boost profit potential. Equipped with the Premium Plus Control, ExpressDry+ Dryers offer flexible programmability and improved diagnostic capabilities, along with optional automatic reversing.

Ruggedly constructed for years of constant use, ExpressDry Drying Tumblers feature heavy-duty stainless steel cylinders with annealed stainless steel backplates for longer machine life and less friction against tumbling laundry. No wonder, ExpressDry+ Dryers are backed by an industry-leading factory warranty.


Several key features contribute to heightened energy-efficiency, including an inverter-driven motor that produces maximum power using minimum energy, requires considerably less amperage at ramp up, delivers precise speed control, and lessons noise levels. Moreover, an instant electronic-spark ignition and modular electrical system contribute to reliability and easy servicing, while a multiple-burner heat system efficiently and quickly reaches desired temperatures.

ExpressDry+ Drying Tumblers deliver quick drying thanks to carefully balanced heat energy input and airflow. The heat system is enclosed — capturing intake air and preheating it before entering the tumbler — reducing energy costs without increasing dry time.


Choose from one of two stack dryer models — the SuperStack90 with two 45-pound capacity pockets — or the Stack60 with two 30-pound capacity pockets. The SuperStack90 provides greater drying capacity per square foot when compared with traditionally sized stack units. In doing so, the SuperStack90 works to boost customer turnover and profit potential.


The SuperStack90 and Stack60 deliver robust drying capacity within a compact footprint when compared to competitive stack models. Moreover, they fit easily through a standard 34.5-inch door for simple installation.


All stack models feature separate coin vaults and electronic controls for each tumbler pocket. So, if a coin drop becomes jammed, filled, or the control malfunctions, only one tumbler is out of service, not two. Moreover, separate coin vaults ensure more total vault capacity, which equates to less time spent collecting coins.

The Difference is in the Details

The cylinders of Continental’s ExpressDry Commercial Dryers feature oblong hole perforations. The holes are purposely oval shaped, rather than round, to prevent items, such as drywall screws, from catching in the holes and causing extensive damage to the dryer cylinder.



Engineered with axial airflow, ExpressDry+ small-capacity dryers direct heated air through the load from back to front. Perforated cylinders and drum lifters maximize airflow and tumbling action while also preventing tangling for fast, efficient drying.


Large-capacity ExpressDry+ Dryers harness radial airflow, which captures heated intake air and distributes it evenly throughout the cylinder. Radial airflow ensures maximum load separation for big loads and bulky items and utilizes the tumbler’s complete capacity for quick, even drying. As heated air is released from the top of the basket, laundry, which is rotated from the bottom to the top, falls and separates throughout the entire cylinder. Simultaneously, heated air is pushed through and around the load — eliminating hot spots and expediting the drying process.


Durability characterizes ExpressDry+ Tumblers. Dual motors provide separate power for basket rotation and airflow, and stainless steel cylinders feature mirror-polished, stainless-steel backplates for unsurpassed durability and reduced linen wear. Meanwhile, kick-plates, cart bumpers and door bars protect the dryers from outside impacts; and oversized doors, constructed from premium steel and secured with heavy-duty hinges, facilitate easy loading and unloading. For safety, an automatic high-limit thermostat only allows the dryer to achieve a set temperature. No wonder ExpressDry+ Dryers are backed by an industry-leading warranty!


Careful engineering makes ExpressDry+ Dryers simpler and less costly to install. Thanks to a smaller footprint, more tumblers can be installed per square foot, with each requiring just one exhaust connection and one gas connection. And, since the dryers only require a simple 120V/20amp breaker and 12-gauge wire, they are less expensive to install and operate than most other stack tumblers.



ExpressDry+ Dryers tout the Premium Microprocessor Control for unrivaled programmability and diagnostic capabilities, as well as simple operation. Offering an LED display and five cycle types — High Temp, Med Temp, Low Temp, Delicates and No Heat — operation couldn’t be simpler. The control seamlessly interfaces with most alternative payment systems and/or accepts multiple coin-drop options, including quarters, tokens, dual drop, dual denomination and world drop. Customers simply load the dryer, select one of five cycle options, and press start.


Meanwhile, storeowners can program multiple variables of the drying process, including time, temperature, automatic reversing and cool-down, along with vend price, time-of-day and day-of-week pricing. Finally, the control offers an easy-to-use six-digit LED display, advanced diagnostics system and an auditing ability that details total number of cycles, coins or start pulses for card systems, and total top-offs performed.

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