Genius GS-Series Card- & Coin-Operated Washer-Extractors

Genius Washers are engineered to help set your laundry apart while maximizing profits. As high-speed washers, they generate extract speeds up to 450 G-force — much higher than traditional hard-mount washers. In doing so, they remove significantly more moisture from every laundry load. In turn, they cut resulting dry time by up to 50 percent for a faster wash process, quicker customer turnaround and savings on natural gas usage and costs. Meanwhile, inverter-driven motors use minimal electricity and exclusive features conserve water. This results in lower overhead costs for maximized profit.

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GS023, GS030, GS045, GS060, GS070, GS080

Genius Control
  • – Best-in-class programmability delivers exceptional control over every aspect of a wash cycle, including rotation action, G-force, water temperature and levels, number of baths and rinses, overnight soaks, and automatic chemical injection.
  • – GENIUS Control — The 10-inch user-interface screen is the industry’s largest. Scratch, impact and water resistant, the user-friendly touch-screen is simple to operate, even while wearing gloves. It offers superior programmability and control over every variable of the wash process, including number of baths and rinses, water temperature and level, automatic chemical injection, rotation action, time, extract speed, and more. Operators simply select a program number and press start.
  • – 99 customizable programs and 20 pre-programmed
  • – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and IoT (Internet of Things) ready
  • – Easily integrate 3rd party systems
  • – Customize with your own graphics and logos
  • – Smart control updates available via the cloud
  • – Available in multiple languages
  • – USB connection for file transfer and storage
  • – Fast access to error codes and test mode
  • – Quick programming by phase
360 Vision

A 360 vision light can be seen from anywhere in your laundromat. Light colors tell customers the status of the machine.

Fail-Safe Door Lock

A redesigned, precise-control locking/switch mechanism is accessible in less than 3 minutes.

Reinforced Floating Suspension

Bigger, stronger chassis hardware improves machine longevity and delivers superior balance control for reaching target extract speeds faster.

450 G-force Extract Speeds
  • – 450 G-force extract speeds, and quicker ramp up, shorten wash and dry cycles for more laundry processed per day. This super-high extract removes significantly more moisture from each load, when compared with lower G-force machines. With less residual moisture upon completion of the wash cycle, laundry dries in less time — improving laundry production, while decreasing natural gas and electricity usage.
  • – Mountain Valley Drum Design — A new basket dimpling design — “Mountain Valley” — helps prevent tangling and eliminates the need for an additional untangling cycle. This improves productivity.
IoT, WI-FI & Bluetooth Ready
  • – Internet of Things (IOT) ready with a communication board located at the top right of machine.
  • – Programming & firmware downloads and updates are quick and easy.
Industry-Largest User Interface

– 10-inch Screen is water, scratch and impact-resistant.

Wide Door Opening
  • – An ergonomic and large door opening simplifies loading and unloading. A redesigned door gasket helps eliminate leaking and reduce necessary replacements.
  • – Weighing System — A weighing system, connected to the control, provides automatic weighing of every load. This improves laundry room productivity, optimizes cycle time and lowers water and chemical usage.
Soft-Mount Freestanding Design
  • – Remedies the need for bolt-down or thick, reinforced concrete foundations. This eliminates the performance problems associated with hard-mount machines, makes them simple to install in unconventional locations and lowers installation costs.
  • – Inverter-Driven — Offers more control over cycle parameters, greater security with up to 20 alarms and drastically reduced energy consumption.
  • – Durable Water Valves — Best in the industry, prevent corrosion for improved longevity and decreased maintenance and costs.

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