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Athletic Laundry Solutions

There’s a variety of athletic facilities, programs and fitness centers charged with properly cleaning dirty athletic laundry. Keeping pace with incoming laundry can be a challenge. But Continental Girbau (Continental) laundry solutions can help. They are highly programmable and properly clean and dry a variety of item types – loops, towels, uniforms, table linens and chair covers – quickly and efficiently. Operators just select a program and press start.

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Laundry equipment plays a vital role in maintaining a well-run athletic facility or health club. Continental Girbau laundry equipment saves time, cuts utility costs, and perfectly cleans uniforms, warm-ups, towels and personal items—no matter who is doing the wash!

Our team of equipment includes high-performance washer-extractors, drying tumblers, folders and stackers that work together for high-quality results. Not only are they energy-effi cient, Continental laundry products are engineered to signifi cantly improve laundry productivity, eliminate dryer bottlenecks, and ensure laundry areas are free from lingering piles of soiled sweats, towels and jerseys.

Continental’s laundry equipment line-up is perfectly suited to your athletic facility’s needs—fi tting your production requirements, space constraints, effi ciency demands, wash quality and labor challenges. Each piece of equipment is constructed to withstand the rigors of constant use and is backed by an industry leading manufacturer’s warranty!


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