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Commercial Clothes Washer and Dryers for Campgrounds

Campgrounds and RV parks often use on-premise laundry equipment to provide linens and towels to campers. Continental washer-extractors and complementing drying tumblers deliver unrivaled performance, longevity, efficiency and ease-of-use. Continental soft-mount washers produce high-extract reaching 400 G-force and offer an easily installable freestanding design. The high-speed extract removes considerably more moisture per load, when compared with most competitive washers, and cuts resulting drying time by up to 50 percent. With shorter dry times, campgrounds complete significantly more laundry per day using less natural gas, labor and energy.

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Soft-Mount Design

No impact installation makes Continental soft-mount washers easy to install in unconventional and above ground locations. By comparison, hard-mount washers must be bolted down to reinforced concrete foundations. Soft-mount Continental washers slide into place – reducing installation costs.

High-Speed Extract

Extract speeds of up to 400 G-force ensure Continental soft-mount washers remove maximum moisture per load, which cuts dry time, bolsters laundry production and reduces natural gas and labor costs.

Superior Programmability

Continental washers and dryers offer advanced programmability and one-touch operation. Washers deliver automatic chemical injection and programmable water temperatures, water levels, number of baths, rotation action, G-force extract, and more. Operators just enter a program number and press start.