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Laundry Solutions for Vacation Rentals

We support vacation rental businesses by offering competitive solutions to overcome obstacles like labor shortages, production thresholds, quality control issues and rising costs. Whether you handle your own linens or customer-owned goods, we provide the support, training and equipment for your success, aiming to simplify laundry processing and increase production.

Commercial Laundry Equipment for Vacation Rentals

At Girbau North America (GNA), we understand the unique challenges faced by the vacation rental market. Whether it’s managing labor shortages, maintaining production standards, ensuring product quality, or dealing with rising water, sewer, and energy costs, we are here to help your business overcome these obstacles and thrive.

Whether your company rents and processes its own linens and towels, handles customer-owned goods, or does both, GNA provides the support, training, and equipment solutions you need. Our mission is to take the headache out of laundry processing and production, so you can focus on delivering an exceptional experience for your guests.

Let GNA help your business flourish with our comprehensive laundry solutions.

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High-speed washer extraction reduces drying time. Automation for feeding, ironing, folding & stacking efficiently processes a variety of linens, increasing throughput.

Compact designs and all-in-one systems are available with most equipment fitting through a standard doorway. 

Extend linen life with moisture sensing technology to prevent over-drying and damage to inventory. 

Built for constant, commercial use, backed by industry-leading warranties and designed to lower utility costs. 

Automatic chemical injection and the use of sanitizing ozone set your service apart from the competition & create a healthier, safer facility. 

Highly flexible programs can be set for each customer or linen type with equipment that integrates seamlessly with a variety of other equipment. 

Automated ironing and folding systems slash labor required by up to 40 percent. Easy-to-use equipment simplifies cross-training and improves ROI. 

Local, expert support available for laundry design, installation & service after the sale. 

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