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How to Lower Laundry Operating Costs

At a vet clinic, it’s essential to complete laundry in less time. When laundry is completed in less time, your vet clinic not only uses less utilities — cutting costs, it reduces costly labor hours and keeps employees focused on the duties they were hired to perform. So, if it’s time for your vet clinic’s laundry to run more efficiently and cost-effectively, consider investing in commercial laundry equipment designed to cut overhead costs and engineered to handle the rigors of constant use in an animal care setting.

Tip 1: Commercial Equipment is a Necessity

The residential equipment sold at big-box and appliance stores are not engineered to handle pet hair, bulky items or built for constant, rigorous use. Don’t waste money on residential washers and dryers as they are NOT warrantied for commercial use and will break down quite often. At the end of the day, repairs and replacement equipment will cost you. If you start with commercial equipment, like the Continental Girbau Washers, with complementing dryers, you’ll be in good shape for years to come without the annoying headaches associated with repairs and replacements.

Tip 2. Lower Labor Costs & Time Spent on Laundry

Oftentimes, laundry is the responsibility of multiple employees at a vet clinic. So, to minimize the time spent on laundry, invest in commercial equipment that completes laundry sooner! There are a couple of ways to do this.

High G-force Extract Speeds: Be sure to select high-speed washers that maximize moisture removal during extract. A washer that reaches high extract speeds between 300-450 G-force removes significantly more water from a load. By removing more water, drying time is shortened by up to or more than 50 percent. So, a load that previously took 1.5 hours to complete will take just 1 hour to complete if using a high-speed washer.

Programmable Controls: This allows washers to be programmed to perfectly meet your vet clinics needs so operators just load, select a program and start the machine. It also means cycle time can be shortened to quicken the wash and dry process. Finally, controls with automatic chemical injection automatically dispense the right amount of detergents, softeners and bleach into the wash cycle at the perfect time. At the end of the day, this saves your employees time in the laundry room.

Tip 3: Lower Utility Costs

With high-speed commercial washers and highly programmable controls, vet clinics can save hundreds or thousands per year in utility costs. Luckily, you can do this with the same features as are mentioned in Tip 2.

High G-force Extract Speeds: By removing more moisture during extract, a high-speed washer will cut resulting drying time in half. This means your dryers operate half as much for huge savings in natural gas.

Programmable Controls: It’s simple to create programs with lower water temperatures, which saves energy when heating the water; lower water levels, which conserves water; and shorter cycle times, which conserves energy. And yes, this can be done without impacting the quality of the wash. Finally, with automatic chemical injection, you’ll save on detergent costs because there is absolutely none wasted.

At animal care facilities, science is used and referred to everyday. The same holds true when it comes to engineering laundry equipment. Continental Girbau Washers and Dryers are engineered — using science — to shorten the laundry process, cut overhead costs and simplify life for employees.

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