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Juggling Laundry Just Got Easier. Enter Programmability

Equipment managers juggle many tasks on a day-to-day basis. Worrying about laundry shouldn’t be one of them. The good news is that there are Sports Laundry Systems on the market designed just for equipment managers and tackling the dirty laundry loads of multiple sports played in an array of venues. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re washing red-dirt stained white baseball pants, delicate volleyball shorts, or expensive game-day uniforms that require particular care, these laundry solutions do the job perfectly and consistently no matter who is doing the wash.

The UW Oshkosh Titans Get More Laundry Done with Superior Programmability from Sports Laundry Systems

It’s all about washer programmability. See how programmability helps the UWO football team.

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What is Programmability and Why is it Important in Athletics?

A highly programmable washer will allow every aspect of the laundering process to be completely controlled and preset based on what’s being washed. The washer automatically injects the right brighteners, cleaners and softeners, while combining them with precise water temperatures and levels, number of rinses and baths, rotation action, time and extract speeds. It’s also possible to integrate programs with overnight soaks and delayed starts to get laundry going before you arrive to work for the day.

How Does Washer Programmability Impact You?

  • Easy Operation: Each item category, like loops or uniforms, is assigned a program number. Operators load the washer, enter the program number and press start. No training required.
  • Consistent Results: Detergents are injected automatically to eliminate user error and damage to laundered items.
  • Every Sport has its own Programs: The washer can perfectly wash any sport’s athletic laundry with its own set of numbered programs.
  • Use Your Own Chemical Provider: A chemical provider will program your machine to meet your specific needs and ensure your washer injects the perfect balance of cleaning chemicals depending on the item being washed.
  • Sanitization of Laundry: The washers can be programmed to sanitize laundry loads using either chemicals or injected ozone. Ozone is an environmentally friendly gas that works in cool water to relax fabric fibers and eradicate 99 percent of all viruses, superbugs and bacteria in the wash. By sanitizing laundry, you’re adding an extra level of protection to ensure contaminated laundry doesn’t spread infection to athletes and staff.
  • Longer Uniform Life: You can’t overload detergents or bleach since they are automatically dispensed. This prevents fabric damage and helps extend uniform life.
  • Reduces Rewashes: Because items are washed correctly every time, rewashes are eliminated or reduced – saving time.

At the end of the day, a highly programmable washer is critical for ensuring athletic laundry items are cleaned consistently, no matter the fabric type, stain or soil level. Programmability simplifies operation making it easy for students and staff to do laundry and helps reduce rewashes – saving time. For more information visit

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