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Q&A: New Genius Washer: Why it Stands Apart

Joel Jorgensen, vice president of sales at Girbau North America, holds over 28 years of laundry industry experience. A frequent contributor to a variety of laundry industry publications, he is considered an expert on commercial/industrial laundry development and operation.

Q: What features make the new Genius Washer line stand apart from competitive models?

A: There are a number of features that make Genius Washers unique. The following are the washers best innovations:

  • They feature the industry’s largest, 10-inch touchscreen user interface. It’s water, scratch and impact resistant and can double as a screen to display operator safety messages or preventative maintenance instructions.
  • Genius Washers have the 360° Vision corner light that illuminates in different colors to alert operators of load status. Because operators can see the light from anywhere in the laundry area, loads don’t go unattended. They’re changed out more quickly for more productivity.
  • They are highly programmable for complete control over every variable of the wash cycle.
  • Genius Washers generate 450 G-force extract speeds for more moisture removal and shorter resulting drying times.
  • They offer a soft-mount design for easy installation and no bolt-down.
  • There’s an onboard battery to protect against power loss.

Q: You mentioned the touchscreen interface. How can that be durable and not get damaged in a laundry environment?

A: It’s built to withstand some serious abuse. You can literally drag a nail across it and it won’t scratch. It also works when operators use gloves. Check out this video if you don’t believe me.

Q: What difference do the high (450 G) extract speeds make?

A: The greater the extract speed, the greater the water/moisture removal from a load. Most other washers generate between 75 and 200 G-force extract speeds. By comparison, Genius washers will cut resulting dry time by approximately 50 percent over those other washers. So, a laundry with Genius Washers will complete more laundry per day, using fewer labor hours and less natural gas. That’s a huge advantage.

Q: Tell us about durability and size options?

A: Genius Washers are available in 23-, 30-, 45-, 60-, 70-, 80-pound capacities. They are durably constructed, the top, front and sides of Genius Washers are stainless steel with a large chrome loading door. Door “boot” gaskets have been eliminated for maximized longevity and performance. Even the machine lid features a kickstand to make maintenance easier. They are backed by a 3/5-year factory warranty.
Check out the innovative features on the new Genius washers in this video.

The Latest Innovations in Laundry Equipment – Genius

Check out the innovative features on the new Genius washers in this video.

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Learn more about the Genius washer. 

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