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Resist Resisting Big Washers — Your Laundry’s Most Important Machine!

Many new vended laundry investors resist the idea of including large-capacity washers (80- to 130-pound capacity) as part of their equipment mix. Some say they can’t imagine anyone needing a machine that big.

Others don’t want the expense of a big machine. Still, others don’t want to sacrifice smaller machines to make space for massive-sized machines. Sadly, these investors will miss out in a big way. Why? Large-capacity washers are the most important machines in any vended laundry, and there should always be at least two of any unique capacity. They’ll set your vended laundry apart from the apartment and home laundries that don’t have large-capacity machines — broadening demographic appeal, differentiating your laundry from the competition, bringing customers in the door with big, bulky loads, and generating great revenue and profit.

If you’re building a laundry from scratch or retooling an existing one, make room for several large-capacity washers, even if it means you need to pull some smaller ones out. You’ll be glad you did.

They’re Moneymakers!

Do your research and ask other laundry owners (with large-capacity washers) what percentage of revenue is generated by their big machines when compared with smaller models. While you’re investigating, ask them for the differences in turns per day and customer demand. Finally, find out the differences in revenue per square foot when comparing large and small machines.

Not only do large machines cost less per pound of capacity to operate when compared with smaller machines, they prove again and again to be the most used washers on the floor. Additionally, you won’t need to match your competitors’ pricing because they don’t have big machines in the first place.

Apartment, dormitory and at-home laundries do NOT have 80- to 130-pound capacity washers that can handle rugs, comforters, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, etc. Because your laundry is equipped with super-large washers, homeowners and renters will frequent your store. You’ll penetrate a greater percentage of your demographic while creating a unique service. Another advantage? During slow operating hours, your laundry attendants can utilize these machines for wash/dry/fold and commercial accounts. That’s just smart business.

Go with Soft-Mount Washers

Maximize your space and allow customers to wash, dry and fold their laundry in less than an hour. By choosing a large-capacity softmount over a hardmount, you’ll simplify installation, lower installation costs and ensure customers the quickest wash possible. Soft-mount washers have advanced suspension systems to absorb vibration and maximize performance. Unlike hard-mount washers, soft-mount washers DO NOT require a 12-18 inch concrete foundation or 24 inches of access space behind them. They are less expensive and simpler to install, don’t vibrate bolts out of the ground, and can be installed very closely together. They also generate and hold much higher extract speeds than hard-mount washers. Soft-mount washers produce up to 400 G-force extract speeds for more moisture removal, faster dry times and less natural gas consumed. Using a soft-mount machine at high extract, customers can wash, dry and fold their laundry in less than an hour. In turn, one machine can serve more paying customers per day. That’s money in the bank.

Choose Adaptability

Not all washers offer automatic chemical injection or are compatible with ozone. If you’re interested in offering sanitized laundry loads via chemistry and/or ozone, you’ll need these features. Look for a washer that can work in concert with chemicals, pump systems, ozone or UV disinfection systems. Talk to your equipment distributor about compatibility before you buy.

Consider Automatic Injection of Chemicals

Generate more revenue and enhance customer convenience by connecting your big washers to an automatic chemical dispensing system like Express Clean®. In doing so, customers don’t lug and load detergents. Rather, soaps, softeners and brighteners/sanitizers are automatically injected into each load based on the wash program selected. Not only do you make more money on the vend price, you generate revenue from the chemicals you supply. Quick and convenient, automatic chemical injection prevents messy spills and improves customer turnover.

If you’re interested in learning more about how large-capacity machines might fit into your laundry equipment mix and better serve your demographic, reach out to your equipment distributor, or contact me directly.


Tod Sorensen is a regional business manager at Girbau North America and vice president of Continental Girbau West, a full-service distributorship serving the Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico vended, on-premise and industrial laundry markets. He holds more than 20 years of experience in vended laundry development and market analysis. Please contact him with any questions at or call 866-950-2449.

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