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Your Solution for Unseen Threats in Hospital Laundry

As highly programmable machines, E-Series Washers offer the flexibility to meet all hospital laundering standards, including the Centers for Disease Control’s CDC, now and into the future. Available in a wide range of capacities — from 20 to 255 pounds — Continental pony washers properly clean everything from pillows, gowns and bed linens, to blankets, scrubs and bed pads.

Adaptability for All Hospital Laundering Standards

As the most adaptable washers on the market, Continental pony washers work seamlessly with ozone and UV disinfection systems to eradicate up to 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria in the wash. Additionally, they offer optional, auxiliary electric- and steam-heating kits to hit and sustain water temperatures up to 192° F. That’s critical since the CDC recommends hospital laundry be cleaned in washers that can maintain temperatures of 160° F for 25 minutes.

The good news? If you’ve got older-model Continental pony washers on the floor, it’s easy to add ozone or auxiliary heat retrofit kits in order to disinfect or attain higher water temperatures. Most other manufacturers don’t offer after-installation add-ons.

At Clara Barton Hospital, in Hoisington, Kan., CEO Jim Blackwell relies on 30- and 55-pound Continental pony washers. An optional temperature boost on the washers allows them to reach state and federal sanitation standards, and thanks to high-speed extract, laundry loads dry quickly.

Superior Programmability for Hospital-Grade Clean

When it comes to programmability, the Continental pony washer delivers complete control over the four components of cleaning — time, temperature, chemistry and mechanical action. These components work in balanced concert.

Offering up to 99 customizable programs, Continental pony washers are programmable by item type for water levels, water temperature by degree, bath cool-down by degree, rotation action, rotation time, extract speed, number of baths and rinses and automatic chemical injection. They also feature 12 chemical injection signals and programmable timed-dosing and flush flexibility; a delayed start, allowing operators to load at night and set the machine to begin operation the next morning; and overnight soak, often used for heavy soil.

Operation couldn’t be simpler, according to Blackwell. “Our laundry operator just enters a program number and presses start.”

By investing in Continental pony washers, hospital and health care laundries can meet and exceed any laundry standards, even if they change in the future. And that brings peace of mind …

Continental pony washers, in hard- and soft-mount models up to 255 pounds of capacity, reach up to 405 G-force extract speeds. Designed for efficiency and ease of use, Continental large-capacity models feature automatic tilting for ergonomic loading and unloading.

Girbau North America (GNA) provides the industry’s most comprehensive line-up of commercial and industrial laundry equipment, including batch tunnel washers, pony washers and dryers, and feeding, ironing, folding and stacking systems. All are backed by industry-leading warranties.

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