Commercial Clothes Washer and Dryers for Hotel Laundries

Conserve water, save energy and reduce waste while increasing profits and productivity! Continental high-performance laundry equipment not only boosts profits by decreasing water, gas and electricity usage, the equipment maximizes laundry productivity using less labor. Thanks to Continental high-performance commercial washers, dryers and flatwork ironers, hotels reduce utility and labor costs, and in the process, elevate their green marketability and appeal.
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Reducing Water Usage in Hotels

Continental industrial washer-extractors are designed to use less water—up to 57 percent less water for some models—and simultaneously, improve wash quality. Unlike many competitive models, Continental commercial washers are designed without a sump, saving up to three gallons of water with each fill. Plus, the washers feature an exclusive AquaFall™ system to cut water usage further.

The programmable controls on Continental industrial washers also work to reduce water consumption and energy usage in hotel laundries. The controls allow individual programmability of wash variables—eliminating unnecessary water consumption, processing steps and chemical usage.

By reducing water consumption, hotels not only cut water costs, they also cut water-heating costs. With water heating accounting for approximately 40 percent of a hotel's energy consumption, cutting one or two gallons of hot water from every load can translate into tens of thousands of gallons saved annually.

Water in means water out. By cutting water usage hotels also reduce wastewater and associated sewer fees.

Reducing Dryer Gas Consumption

Continental's E-Series high-performance commercial washers feature a freestanding design and extraction speeds of up to 387 G-force. By comparison, traditional hard-mount washers only achieve extract speeds between 70 and 90 G-force. The high extraction speeds remove significantly more water from each load during extract—slashing dry time and resulting gas consumption by up to 65 percent! Since a load of laundry dries in approximately half the time, laundry productivity also improves with less linen wear and a significant reduction in linen replacement costs.

Improving Productivity of your Hotel Laundry

Continental products are designed to work together toward improved efficiency and productivity. Because Continental high-performance commercial washers remove significantly more water from each load, linens can be fed directly from the washer to Continental Pro-Series Ironers! By eliminating drying, hotels can cut 20-40 minutes off processing time—maximizing production and saving costly labor and energy while turning out linens with a five-star quality finish! When drying is necessary, laundries can team their high-speed washers with Continental Pro-Series Dryers to curb utility costs and significantly boost laundry productivity.

Gaining 'Green' Appeal for your Hotel

Hotels equipped with high-performance commercial washers, dryers and ironers conserve energy and natural resources while improving laundry productivity and hotel profits. By incorporating Continental high-performance laundry equipment into new and existing hotel laundries, hotel owners gain higher ratings from nationally accepted independent green building sources, including The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Continental laundry equipment isn't just good for the Earth, it's good for business!

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