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LG Commercial Laundry Systems for Multi-Housing Laundries

LG Commercial Washers and Dryers deliver unmatched efficiency, commercial durability, simple operation and high spin speeds for a quicker wash and dry. Offering a soft-mount design for easy installations and quiet operation, LG Commercial Washers and Dryers are available in gas and electric models, as well as space-saving stack options. Choose from the 35-pound capacity LG Titan Pro Washer/Dryer or 22.5-pound capacity LG Platinum Washer/Dryer. LG laundry solutions are perfect for apartment complexes, dormitories and guest laundries.

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Modern Streamlined Look

LG Washers and Dryers offer a streamlined, modern look and a robust chrome door. Engineered to appeal and attract, they feature a powder-coated finish offering long-lasting durability and an exterior that’s simple to keep clean. A chrome door and grip provide a wide opening for easy loading and unloading, while tempered glass doors offer easy viewing and resistance to scratches and damage.

Space-Saving Design

LG Washers and Dryers are available in single-pocket models, or stack dryer/washer and dryer/dryer combinations. A small footprint and stackable design provides greater capacity and revenue per square foot.

Alternative Payment System Ready

All models work seamlessly with alternative payment systems, including card-operated and mobile-pay systems. LG Platinum Washer and Dryers and Titan Pro Washers are also available in coin models. Single-pocket Titan Pro Dryers can be converted to coin using an add-on coin kit.

A Quick Wash & Dry

Thanks to high washer extract speeds that remove more moisture from laundry, loads dry more quickly – allowing customers to complete laundry in less time.

Commercial Durability

LG’s double-locking system for the front panel and coin vault access provides heightened security for peace of mind. Front-access panels are constructed of coated steel – not plastic – to enhance reliability and security. Premium Powder Coating provides the same durability as car paint, helping to prevent rust and resist scratches.


LG Washing Solutions

Engineered for years of quiet operation, LG Washers features auto-balancing and inverter-drive systems for quiet smooth, efficient and reliable operation. Designed to withstand the rigors of constant use, they are simple to use and deliver a quicker wash using less energy and water.

High Extract Speeds

By generating up to 451 G-force extract speeds, LG Washers maximize water removal from every load so laundry takes less time to dry. This reduces dryer operation – saving energy – and increases customer rotation rates and revenue. Through reduced dry times, laundries reduce or eliminate dryer bottlenecks and cut utility costs.

Simple Operation

Customers choose from Hot, Warm, Cold, Delicates and Add Superwash wash cycles. If over-sudsing is detected during the wash cycle, the washer automatically performs a suds-reduction process for improved washing performance.

Stainless Steel Washer Tub

The stainless tub is rust- and scratch-resistant and won’t stain laundry.

10° Tilted Drum

Washer drums are tilted 10 degrees, which uses less water while maintaining a quality wash.

Atomizing System

An atomizing nozzle sprays fresh water onto the load and washer door – helping to quickly fill the washer and soak the load for improved wash and rinse performance. Simultaneously, it maintains a clean washer window and reduces excess soap residue, which simplifies the task of cleaning the washer.

Inverter Direct Drive System

The Direct Drive system increases motor stability and durability, while lessening vibrations. It eliminates the need for belts and pulleys, found in conventional washer motors, decreasing maintenance and noise. Working in concert, the Inverter Control and Direct Drive System maximize energy savings. The Inverter Control System generates fewer speed fluctuations and uses only the necessary amount of electricity during the wash cycle. The Direct Drive System minimizes energy loss by providing power straight to the tub.

LG Drying Solutions

LG Dryers offer more drying capacity and performance in a smaller footprint. With up to 35 pounds of capacity, LG Dryers take on more laundry and deliver improved drying performance, as well as fewer wrinkles and tangles. Equipped with a heavy-duty motor that provides improved airflow and heating for better drying action, LG Dryers feature a steel control panel with multilingual readout, a tempered glass, reversible door, and premium powder-coated finish.

Durable for Years of Operation

LG Dryers are designed to last for years, but not show their age. The dryers feature a stainless steel drum that’s built for constant use, yet won’t show years of wear and tear and is gentle on laundered items. Moreover, the drum won’t chip or peel—keeping laundered items stain free.


LG Dryers allocate the right amount of gas and air into several sections – controlling airflow for a quicker, more efficient dry. Most other dryers don’t control gas and air flow, except for turning them on or off.

Easy to Operate

LG Dryers are simple to use. The control panel features a digital display illuminating cycle time countdown, while LED lights indicate cycle status. Customers simply select one of the four temperature options – High, Medium, Low or No Heat – then press the start button. An end-of-cycle tone sounds upon cycle completion, and an extra-large door makes loading and unloading a snap!

Quiet Operation

WLG Dryers are among the quietest in their class.

Reversible Dryer Door

Quickly change the direction of the door swing – left or right – without additional parts.

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