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Does Your Athletic Laundry Solution Check the Flexibility Boxes?

If you’re in the market for a new athletic laundry solution, it’s important to consider your goals and how they relate to your budget, chemical provider, wash quality, and time spent processing laundry. At Sports Laundry Systems (SLS), we offer highly flexible athletic laundry solutions that check the boxes most important to you and your organization. Before deciding to invest in laundry equipment, consider the following:

 Programming Flexibility

When it comes to choosing a washer, ensure it offers flexible programmability that’s simple to master. You don’t want your current chemical provider refusing to program the washer because it it’s too complicated! Additionally, it’s critical your washer is programmable by sport and item type!

Sports Laundry Systems allow every variable of the wash cycle to be tweaked, including water levels, automatic chemical injection, number of baths and rinses, extract speeds, rotation action, cycle time and water temperatures. There is even an overnight soak option that starts up before you arrive in the morning.

Chemical representatives tell me all the time they love working with SLS Washers because of the simple programming and sophisticated results. The washers can also be programmed by sport, because for example, the stains and grime found in softball and baseball are different than those found in volleyball and basketball.

Soft- or Hard-Mount Technology

In the world of laundry, the technology needed to save time costs more. But in the long run, it cuts laundry processing time and natural gas usage — saving you money.

There are two types of commercial washers on the market — soft-mount machines and hard-mount machines. Soft-mount washers are freestanding and don’t require bolt-down. They also produce much higher extract speeds (300-450 G-force) for more moisture removal and quicker drying times. Hard-mount washers, by comparison, require bolt-down and only produce 150-250 G-force extract speeds.

Translation? A soft-mount washer will cut laundry time by up to 50 percent over a hard-mount washer, while decreasing natural gas usage because drying time is reduced. But it costs more for that technology. The good news is that we offer both options at Sports Laundry Systems.

If saving time is the driving factor in purchasing new equipment, always go with the soft-mount washer. This is the premier machine, and despite having a greater price tag, it will save you thousands in labor and utilities down the road. If you just can’t swing the price, choose the hard-mount machine. It’s still a great, reliable option.

Two Ways to Achieve Sanitized Laundry — Chemicals or Ozone

There are two ways to achieve sanitized laundry in which 99 percent of viruses, bacteria and molds are eradicated. The first option is through special sanitizing chemicals provided by your chemical supplier. This is the most popular route. The other option is through ozone, a gas that’s injected into the washer. Ozone is environmentally friendly, works best in cool water and relaxes fabric fibers for improved wash quality. The ozone system is an add-on cost but will reduce water heating and chemical costs down the road. Sports Laundry Systems are compatible with either option.


As Sports Laundry Systems® national sales manager, Steve Leib fully understands athletic laundry processing and disinfection. As such, he knows the threat that pathogens, like Covid-19 and MRSA, pose to student-athletes and athletic programs. Please contact him with any questions at or call 800-256-1073.

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