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CG30X2 Commercial Dryer

Continental ProDry2 SuperStack90 and Stack60 Drying Tumblers are designed to pack more capacity and productivity into a smaller footprint. The tumblers are not only Continental’s most energy-efficient stacks yet, they offer superior programmability, simple installation and ease of use. The SuperStack90 and Stack60 Drying Tumblers fit easily through a standard 36 inch door opening, yet deliver 20 percent more capacity, respectively, when compared to 75- and 50-pound capacity single-pocket models! Dual-pocket models also save valuable space. When compared to a 75-pound capacity single-pocket dryer, the SuperStack90 takes up 18.1 percent less space. Similarly, the Stack60 takes up 25.8 percent less space than a 50-pound capacity unit. Greater production in less space spells operational savings for your laundry!

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  • Dry Weight Capacity
  • 2 x 30 pounds
  • Machine Width
  • 31.5 inches
  • Machine Depth
  • 42.8 inches
  • Machine Height
  • 76.3 inches