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Getting to Know Sports Laundry Systems – Q&A with Coach Steve Leib

After spending 30 years as a teacher and coach at both the high school and collegiate levels, Coach Steve Leib has gained a deep understanding of the challenges faced by athletic programs. As a college football coach, he has personally witnessed the difficulties involved in processing athletic laundry. Since then, Coach Leib has worked with teams at the high school, collegiate and pro sports levels to help streamline laundry practices. In his role as the national sales manager for Sports Laundry Systems® (SLS), Coach Leib shares his insights on processing athletic laundry and discusses the unique offerings of the SLS brand.

Q: What sets Sports Laundry Systems apart?

A: Sports Laundry Systems is the only athletic laundry equipment brand exclusively created for the athletic laundry market in North America. We understand that the needs of each athletic facility or program are unique, and that’s why our systems are highly flexible. At SLS, we take the time to understand your specific requirements and provide customized solutions that cater to them. To get a better understanding of what Sports Laundry Systems has to offer, I encourage you to watch this quick video.

Q: What are the primary concerns of most athletic facilities when it comes to laundry?
A: Most athletic facilities/programs want to save time, make laundry processes easier, and maintain the quality of their uniforms. Our Sports Laundry Systems can significantly reduce laundry time, simplify machine operation, minimize rewashes, and extend the lifespan of uniforms. If necessary, SLS can also disinfect athletic laundry through the use of disinfecting chemicals or ozone. We believe in providing flexible solutions that prioritize the features and capabilities that are most important to your organization.

Q: What is the first step to learn more about Sports Laundry Systems?
A: After watching the video, I recommend reaching out to your local Sports Laundry Systems distributor. If you’re unsure about who your distributor is, you can use the distributor locator tool on our website. Your distributor will conduct an on-site visit to assess your needs and provide a customized solution with a quotation. They will work closely with you to handle laundry design, equipment installation, operational training, and technical service after the sale. With our local, expert service and factory-backed warranties, you can trust that you’ll always receive the support you need.

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