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Oshkosh Express Laundry Center

High-Speed, Vended Laundry Saves Customers Time and Stress

July 2016  |  Download Case Study

Wisconsin’s first high-speed vended laundry, the Express Laundry Center in Oshkosh, Wis., offers self-service customers the fastest wash in the Midwest. The laundry comes complete with high-speed Continental ExpressWash Washer-Extractors designed to shorten the wash/dry process to under 60 minutes; wireless Internet access; the largest washer in Wisconsin at 125-pounds of capacity; and convenience programs that cater to those who have better things to do than laundry, according to Manager Peggy Tefft.

High-Speed Equipment & Wisconsin's only 125 pounder

Thanks to a robust line-up of high-speed Continental E-Series Washers, customers at the Express Laundry Center are onto better things sooner since their total wash and dry is typically complete in less than one hour. The high-speed washers feature a freestanding design and high-speed extract to shorten the wash process, according to Fritz Baenen of Belson Co., a laundry equipment distributorship in Green Bay, Wis. “The washers provide better wash quality and remove considerably more water from each load than the hard-mount or top-load washers at other stores,” says Baenen. “This cuts dry time per load by at least 30 percent.”

The result, according to Baenen, is reduced utility costs, improved customer turnover and bigger profits.

The store is designed to serve the needs of both traditional and non-traditional customers. It boasts five Continental PowerLoad Washers that handle 75 pounds of laundry each, and one PowerLoad Plus, to tackle up to 125 pounds. The mammoth Continental washers draw non-traditional customers looking to clean comforters, sleeping bags, rugs, blankets, large loads of laundry or bulky items.

Offering ease of use, the laundry provides customers with the option of using coins, debit cards or credit cards on several machines. They love this simple convenience according to Tefft.

Convenience Programs

At Express Laundry Center, customer service spins out of control, thanks to convenience programs like Load & Leave™, drive-up Drop & Shop™ and drycleaning. A convenient drive-up door allows customers to quickly unload and pick-up laundry and drycleaning without leaving their cars. “During Wisconsin’s bitter winters, this keeps our customers warm and dry,” says Tefft. “It also really helps out parents with little children.” The store’s Drop & Shop Service is designed to simplify life for busy parents, professionals, college students and singles, she adds. Customers simply drive up, buzz the store’s customer care representative, drop off and pick up.

“Our Drop & Shop service is a big time-saver for busy people,” maintains Tefft. “We do a person’s laundry just as they want it done. Each customer can specify if they want softeners or bleach, for example. We will handle each item with the greatest care.” And, for those who need drop-off drycleaning, Express Laundry Center fits the bill. The coin store partnered with popular Stannard Cleaners to provide convenient drop-off drycleaning service.

The laundry also offers the quick convenience of Load & Leave Service. “Customers can put their laundry in the washers and leave,” says Tefft. “We’ll complete it for them while they shop or run errands. We’ll remove customers’ laundry from the washer, put it in the dryer and fold it. Then we call our customers on their cell phones and let them know when their laundry is done.” Shoppers and errand runners appreciate the time savings that Load & Leave offers them, according to Tefft, “for a small service fee per load.” Gift certificates are available for Drop & Shop and Load & Leave services, she adds. “They make great gifts for loved ones who are always stuck doing laundry.”

Marketing Impact

The Express Laundry Center constantly markets its services and benefits to area residents, according to Tefft. The store’s grand opening was prefaced with press releases to the media, as well as radio and newspaper advertisements. The daylong grand opening was designed to show customers how the Express Laundry Center cuts the time it takes them to do their laundry. Each customer received a free wash and dry, and a local radio station broadcasted live from the store to build excitement around the event.

Point-of-purchase signage and brochures let new customers in on the benefits of the store’s equipment and services, says Tefft. “We also target new customers using direct mail with coupons for free or discounted services—a campaign that’s realized great results!”

“In today’s hectic world, people are looking for ways to make better use of their time,” she adds. “That’s exactly what we are trying to do for our customers. Save them time and stress.”

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