Express Laundry Centers

A Branded Turnkey Solution for Vended Laundries
Vended Laundry Redefined

Rather than recreating the wheel by developing your own laundry brand and store concept, go with the nationally proven and turnkey Express Laundry Center®. With hundreds in operation across North America, the Express Laundry Center brand ensures customers can wash, dry and fold their laundry in 60 minutes or less. Express Laundry Center is NOT a franchise or a corporate-owned brand, so it’s free of any related fees or red tape.

Stand apart from the competition!
• Customers wash, dry and fold laundry in 60 minutes or less
• Quick customer turnover equates to more paying customers per day
• Low utility & overhead costs
• High-speed, energy efficient equipment
• Cycle option “Extras” boost revenue
• Multiple services & revenue streams
• Marketing and advertising support
• Operational/management training
• Local, expert distributor support

The Express Laundry Center brand is a turnkey and complete vended laundry package that brings together high-speed laundry equipment, marketing and operational support, lower utility costs and boosted profit potential. A proven brand and solution, Express Laundry Center is available only through Continental Girbau.

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