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Voyage on the Mediterranean

2024 Incentive Trip

What you need to know: Life Offboard Oasis of the Seas


There are pros and cons to booking RC Excursions or adventures on your own. The cruise ships purchase the excursions from the local vendors, and they mark them up in order to make a profit. So, inevitably, the cruise ship excursions are always a bit more pricey. BUT – if you prefer the peace of mind knowing that you are on an excursion that has been properly vetted, has insurance, and that is affiliated with the ship, then chose this option. The most important thing here, is that if the excursion is running late, RC WILL HOLD THE SHIP FOR YOU.

If you go with a local vendor, RC has no clue of where you are. They may have not been vetted by anyone, they may or may not have insurance, and if you miss the ship, be sure and have your passport and a credit card with you so yo can fly to the next port to catch the ship again.

You may ask – ‘How often are people left in port?’ More than you would think! ALWAYS be back by All Aboard time. Holding a ship for 2 people who are late and unaccounted for rarely happens for more than 10–15 minutes. Every extra minute at that dock costs the cruise ship company!

Rule of thumb – the more remote the port is, the more I would tell you to go with the ship. I.E. Provence, Florence, Rome


In May, the weather temperatures average 17°C (63°F) to 23°C(73°F). Keep in mind, though, that temperatures will be cooler in the evening. There are still chances of rain showers too! Please remember to bring an umbrella or poncho. I would rather spend the euros on some wine than buy an umbrella or poncho from a street merchant!

Walking in Europe:

Please plan on bringing comfortable walking shoes. We recommend that you have a rubber sole on the shoe. Many of the cities you’ll visit have cobblestone walkways and streets.


Leave extra room in your bags! Shopping is wonderful in Barcelona and Italy. Italy is a shopping mecca. Florence especially is known for its jewelry, clothing, wine and leather goods. Don’t forget to try Limoncello as a drink!

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, & ATM’s:

The most convenient way to get euros is to use a debit card at an ATM. Keep in mind, some ATM’s charge a transaction fee and some American banks charge a foreign transaction fee. Be sure to check with your bank about fees prior to travel. You may want to purchase some foreign currency from your local bank in advance. The current exchange rate for the Euro is very favorable.

The most convenient way to make purchases is with a credit card. Generally, they offer the best exchange rate and are the easiest method of payment. However, you need to contact your credit card company prior to travel to alert them you will be traveling abroad otherwise your card will not work (they’ll assume it’s a fraudulent charge and deny approval). Visa and Mastercard are commonly accepted, American Express and Discover are not always accepted and Diners Club is never accepted.

NOTE: not all shops may accept credit cards and oftentimes you need cash for miscellaneous expenses. For example, when purchasing leather goods from street market in Florence, one vendor would accept credit, but they also wanted half of the payment in cash!

Safety & Security

The most important thing to remember is to be aware of your surroundings especially in crowded tourist areas. To avoid pickpockets or thieves make sure your purse or backpack has zippers. Women should carry a cross body purse or wear purses to the front and men should not put their wallet in a back pocket. Make sure to utilize your stateroom’s safe as much as possible. Be careful with backpacks. Don’t take large amounts of cash with you and leave all valuables in your room. If you prefer to carry your money on you consider wearing a money belt under your clothes to conceal the bulk of your cash.
Pick pockets are very prevalent in busy locations in particular in major cities.

Visit our website to review the trip agenda and other helpful hints and tips as we get ready for our travels: Voyage on the Mediterranean

In addition to submitting any questions you may have via the website, please feel free to contact:

Julie Pollnow Corcoran Group, 920.216.2742,
Laurie Kilgore Girbau North America 920.216.4670,

We look forward to seeing you in May!

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