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Voyage on the Mediterranean

2024 Incentive Trip

What you need to know: Tips & Tricks – FAQ’s and Packing


  1. GNA Group Presentation 9:00 am – 11:00 am, Monday, 5/20/24: This meeting is NOT mandatory. Please plan your day accordingly.
  2. Formal night:  Formal night only applies to the Main Dining Room.  Specialty dining and other venues have their on separate dress codes.  When you hear Formal night you may think you HAVE to dress in tuxedo and gown.  That is not the case.  You may see a few guests in tuxedos and gowns, but most will be in a formal outfit that is more casual.  Acceptable options for men would be dress shirt and slacks (most will wear a jacket as well).  Acceptable options for women would be cocktail dresses, sundresses, skirts, blouses, dress pants, dressy rompers and of course gowns.  You should not wear shorts, casual t-shirts, flip-flops, tank tops.  In general, don’t wear clothes you would wear on the pool deck!  For 7 night cruises there are normally 2 formal nights.  

Packing: Staterooms and suitcases are not very large! Please feel free to re-wear outfits (we don’t mind and won’t notice!). The cruise line does have laundry that you can send clothes, out to.  Be sure to do this a couple of days prior to the end of the cruise.

Pack essentials such as travel documents, passport, one or two changes of clothes, valuables and prescription medication in your carry-on bag in case your checked luggage is delayed. We also suggest traveling companion’s cross-pack their luggage so, in the rare case a bag is delayed or lost, there will be clothes for both.

The last evening on the ship, the cruise line asks for your bags to be put outside your stateroom for pick-up.  You will want to put your toiletries & change of clothing in a smaller bag for the next morning. You will meet your baggage on the pier and identify it when you get off the ship.

Weather is variable at this time of year. It could be very warm during the day but could be cooler at night. We suggest dressing in layers. Casual clothes will suffice throughout the trip. When visiting religious sites please dress modestly ensuring shoulders are covered and wear knee-length bottoms. At the Vatican, no sleeveless shirts or dresses, knees must be covered and men must have long pants. No graphic tees or see through clothing.


  • Washcloths are rare outside the U.S. so please pack your own
  • Foldable/Collapsible bag for last evening essentials or shopping!
  • Money belt or travel wallet
  • Cross-body purse
  • Electronic devices
  • Chargers and/or batteries for electronic devices
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Voltage Adapter
  • Cruise No Surge Protector Power Strip

Do Not Bring: A hair dryer. The ship and H10 Metropolitan will have one.

Visit our website:  Voyage on the Mediterranean  to review the trip agenda and other helpful hints and tips as we get ready for our travels:

In addition to submitting any questions you may have via the website, please feel free to contact:
Julie Pollnow Corcoran Group, 920.216.2742,
Laurie Kilgore Girbau North America 920.216.4670,

We look forward to seeing you in May!

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