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Voyage on the Mediterranean

2024 Incentive Trip

Let’s plan our trip!

Congratulations on being awarded & accepting your trip offer!

1. Make sure you have all documentation on hand.

Check your passports and renew any that expire at least 10 to 12 weeks before or after the trip date.

  • Please email Julie Pollnow at or call at 920.216.2742 to provide her the following information:
  • Name (is it appears on your passport)
  • Birthdate
  • Email Address (where you would like trip information sent)

**Please submit above information to Julie and copy Laurie by COB, Monday, January 22, 2024)** This information must be presented to the Cruise Line to complete your booking, so please provide it by the deadline.**

2. Plan your air travel.

Once you’ve made your air travel arrangements, provide Laurie with a copy of your travel itinerary be emailing it to REMINDER: Julie can assist with your travel plans, should you wish.

VIP Girbau Factory Visit, Vic Spain is May 17, 2024,

  • PLEASE NOTE: The Day in Vic on May 17 is OPTIONAL (To see day trip detail click on Agenda). We are offering a VIP Girbau visit to Vic on May 17th. If you choose to participate in this VIP Tour, GNA will pay for hotel accommodations for the evening of May 16 and 17. Should you elect not to participate in the event on the 17th, hotel accommodations will be on your own for evenings prior to May 18th; please plan your arrival to Barcelona appropriately.

3. Arrivals/Departures

  • For all scheduled arrivals prior to or after May 16, 2024 and/or late departures (after May 26, 2024) – travel and accommodations will need to be booked on your own.
  • For arrivals of May 16 and Departures of May 26 and VIP Tour opt in – you will only need to book your travel which is on your own. GNA will manage hotel accommodations for you for this time frame; they are included in the trip.
  • If you will be arriving to only take the cruise and elected to opt out of the optional trip to VIC on May 17th, please schedule your arrival to be May 18th and GNA will book and cover accommodations for you at H10 Metropolitan for that evening.
  • Ship debarkation time on May 26, 2024 to be determined; plan on late morning to early afternoon departures.

4. Once information is received, your name will be submitted to Royal Caribbean. Julie Pollnow will then be in touch with you to provide you with your cruise booking number.

5. Once you have received your cruise booking number, please download the Royal Caribbean App and/or go to the Website and create your account.

You will then be able to go into “Already booked” and obtain your tickets, luggage tags, see excursions available and provide information required by RC:

Things like:

  • Health questionnaire
  • Credit Card for payment of excursions, incidentals, purchases:
    The Cruise Ship will be Cash Free – your SeaPass will be attached to your card and you will use it for all extra F&B gratuities, extra F&B purchases beyond the included F&B package and any purchases made in the shops on board. NOTE: Gratuities are included for F&B, however, for any extra gratuity you would like to offer for service above and beyond, your SeaPass and the credit card attached to it would be charged. Of course, you will need $$ for the on board casino!
  • You will be able to start booking your excursions through RC, shows, and activities on board (spa sessions, etc.) creating your cruise calendar. Again, your credit card presented in booking will be the card charged.

**NOTE: you will be able to monitor your cruise expenses via the TV monitor in your state room. You will be able to check your account regularly, see your daily activities, follow where you are and even watch a few television shows.

Once Julie provides you with your booking number she will also be available to walk you through any steps you need assistance with. Julie can be reached as follows:

Julie Pollnow Corcoran Group, 920.216.2742,

Please submit your information to Julie by COB Monday, January 22, 2024.

We look forward to seeing you in May!

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