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Voyage on the Mediterranean

2024 Incentive Trip

What you need to know: Tips & Tricks – Tipping

Tipping varies throughout Europe, but these are the basic guidelines: 


  • At restaurants, check the menu to see if a service charge is included. If it isn’t, please tip for exceptional service. Remember: any tip is appreciated!
  • If you order your food at a counter (in a pub, for example), don’t tip.
  • It’s better to hand the tip to the waiter when you’re paying your bill rather than leave it on the table, particularly in busy places.
  • Servers prefer to be tipped in cash even if you pay with your credit card (otherwise the tip may never reach your server). In many cases, there isn’t a line on the credit card receipt for a tip.


  • For taxis, round up to the next euro on the fare; for a long ride, to the nearest 10.
  • At hotels it’s nice (but not required) to leave a small tip in your room for the housekeeping staff when you depart. If a porter carries your bag, tip a euro or two per bag.
  • On guided tours, tour guides and drivers usually expect tips.


  • On board – gratuities for wait staff, wine captain in the dining room and cabin steward have been included in the cruise price covered by GNA. However, feel free to give an additional gratuity if you have someone that goes above and beyond.
  • Always tip in local currency.
  • Euros – you will need euros for the trip. Most everyone will take credit card, with the exception of some street markets where you may need to pay in euros or partial credit and euros. You can get euros at the airports, in Barcelona, or even on board the ship. As a reminder, Mastercard and Visa are the most accepted in Europe. Remember to call your credit card companies and bank to let them know you will be using your cards in Europe. Note: if you will be visiting the Casino on board, US currency is used.
In addition to submitting any questions you may have via the website, please feel free to contact:
Julie Pollnow Corcoran Group, 920.216.2742,
Laurie Kilgore Girbau North America 920.216.4670,

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